Why Collectible Pins

I have been asked by several why sell collectible pins at a cross country race? So this is my story why I have collectible pins at my events. 

From the time you are very young and into adult hood you tend to find something to collect to remember moments in your life. Growing up sometimes you receive a patch in boy and girl scouts, sometimes its just a simple piece of paper stating an accomplishment. Those accomplishments are put on the walls in frames and those patches are put away in a drawer to be found years later and bring back those fond memories.

When I was in my early 20's and had only been working for Half-Mile Timing for a few years I was starting to travel a lot and see cool and new things. So I was trying to think of something to start collecting, I tried hats but could really only get those for the colleges I went and worked at. But that started to get expensive at $15-$25 a hat. I looked into shot glasses but again most events and school may have had them but they are also usually $15-$20 and where would I keep all those. 

Then one day I was at my parents and they gave me a box of my things they wanted out of their house. In that box was all the pins I had collected from different things in my life. I had a pin for 10 years of perfect attendance, a few pins from when I was in Royal Rangers, Pins from airshows my grandfather had taken me to. I had a solid 20 pins from various moments in my life and could remember getting everyone of them and the story that went with them. 

Since that day pins have been my thing I have all my varsity pins that were on my varsity letter, pins from most of the colleges I have been to and worked at. Pins from NASCAR races and Special Olympic Snow Shoeing. It is to the point now that my co workers even know if we are close to a Hard Rock Cafe we are stopping to get a guitar pin. 

So now I offer pins at my events so that kids can get a pin and put it on their track bag or varsity letter or even throw it in that old drawer at their parents house hoping that 10-20 years from now they will find or see that pin and remember hopefully the good times that they spent at my event, with their teammates and good memories will put a smile on their face. 





That is why we sell pins at B3R Sports events.