Welcome To Coaching!

We at B3R Sports realize that starting out as a new coach in any sport can be difficult. So we have taken our knowledge of the sport of cross country and supplied you with a 5 step guide to starting your first year of coaching. The 5 steps will cover the following, registering with a sanctioning body that will provide you and your athlete insurance should any accidents occur. How to inform others about the team you have started. Generic workouts from state championship coaches. How and where to schedule your season and how to qualify for our youth XC championships.

Register Your Team with AAU or USATF for Insurance                                                                                               .

Team Information (Website or Facebook)                                                                                                                   .

Summer Workouts from David Halliday (Flagler Palm Coast & Doug Butler (Holy Trinity & Satellite HS) 

Planning your XC Schedule                                                                                                                                               .

Florida Youth XC Championship Information                                                                                                                   .

The F.A.C.A (Florida Athletic Coaches Association) Clinic is a great way to learn new training methods, network with other coaches, figure out your seasons calendar and learn from the some of the best high school and college coaches in the country. Click on the F.A.C.A logo below for more information on the upcoming Track & Field Clinic. All coaches are welcome, school, clubs, amateur or veteran come join us for this weekend of learning and socializing.