Starting a cross country team is not the same as little league baseball or rec soccer. You ask a kid if he wants to run cross country chances are he or she has never heard of it and all their parents think is Forrest Gump running from coast to coast. So as the coach you have to educate your athletes as well as their parents. 

To start recruiting your future athletes you will need an identity. First you will need a team name, if you are associated with a school then it is easy as most elementary and middle schools should already have a mascot. If you are not and you are starting a club team then you will need to be a little more creative. 

After getting your team name worked out you will need to build a website or create a Facebook page. A place where athletes and parents can see whats going on with your team. Post your workouts, season schedule, end of the year awards banquet, etc. You want others to see how much fun you are having, create a Instagram and Twitter account. If you would like to see a good example of an organized teams Facebook or website click on the icons below.