What we Do!

 Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email Coach Brooke (Brooke@b3rsports.com).

“My child has never run before — can he/she be on the team?”
Yes!  Many of our runners join us with absolutely no experience.  You won’t believe how much they improve!

“When is the cross country season?”
The official cross country season begins when school opens in August, and concludes on November 18th.  This year we will have a brief summer training program before the season starts, which begins the beginning of August.  

“What is the training like?”
The first goal of our program is for the kids to have fun and develop a life-long love of the sport.  With that in mind, all training is geared towards each individual runner: beginning runners may start at one or two easy miles under the watchful eyes of the coaches, while the more advanced runners can typically handle group runs of four to eight miles.  But we always start together, and finish together with drills and stretches. We will typically have two to three group run opportunities each week.  Not every runner can make every practice, but we strongly recommend that the kids run in some fashion (whether at practice, at home, at school, at soccer practice, etc.) at least four times each week — it is this consistency that will make their running easier and more enjoyable.

“Where are practices?”
Practices will be held at Coach Brooke's house most of the time. From time to time we will have a group run at another location but to get started we will be at Coach Brooke's house. 

“Where are the meets?”
There is an icon that says 2017 XC Schedule. This will show you what meets we will be attending and have additional information for the parents to look over. 

“What is the USATF Individual Membership?”

The USATF memberships is a requirement to be on the B3R Bandits RC. This provides the athletes insurance should they become injured during a practice or event. The USATF membership is good for one year and will allow your athletes to be covered should they decide to do track in the spring. For those parents brand new to the sport USATF is short for USA Track & Field. They are the sanctioning body of track & field from youth all the way up to the Olympic athletes.