The Alligator Lake Invitational started out as a local 5k in 2008 to help raise money for local cross country teams in Columbia County. After perfecting the course for three years during the road races B3R Sports decided to make it a high school XC event. Since 2011 Alligator Lake Park has held a middle school & high school XC invitational. This past year we added an elementary mile and look forward to continuing including it in the future events.

Alligator Lake Park & B3R Sports have joined in hosting several F.H.S.A.A. regional's. This course is one of the first to host a triple region in the state and will be doing so again this year. 

Due to the flooding in Lake City Alligator Lake Park and its trails are still under about 3’ of water. To keep from having to cancel and everyone having to make alternate plans and cancel hotels I am secured another venue. Everything will be the same as far as awards, course markers, music, etc. The event will just be moved to a new location. The upside of the new course is the parking will be more open and we should be able to easily fit all the cars in one area which will also be closer to the course.

The course is located at The Oaks Equestrian Center, address to the course is 211 SW Theodore Oconnor Cir, Lake City, FL 32024. Their main request is to make sure nobody parks on the side of the roads. So please tell your parents if they do not park in the designated area (they will be directed to the designated area) they will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Team's Attending